If there is one thing that is essential to avoid accidents, it is the brakes. We don’t all think about it, but brakes and tires have one thing in common. They are both consumables, in the sense that they wear out. This is especially true of their pads. That’s why you should think about changing them from time to time. But before that happens, you can always do what you can to delay and preserve them. Here are the top three brake mistakes you should avoid, in order to preserve them for as long as possible. Presented to you by your top CAA-recommended garage Autotech Performance, located in the West Island of Montreal.

Top three Brake Mistakes #1: Braking at the Last Moment

The first thing to know is when to brake. This is what we call a smooth (or safe) ride. If you drive like this, you can easily anticipate the hazards of the road, including unpredictable motorists. This way, you don’t have to brake too late, and therefore too hard. Because by braking like that, you brake too hard and cause them too much damage. So keep your eyes straight ahead and pay attention to safety distances.

Mistake #2: Do (!) make your engine roar on steep slopes

If you often drive on the highway, you often read the signs along the road asking you to use engine braking. Do you do it? Yes, because on steep grades, if you drop a gear, you don’t need to keep your foot on the pedal. So you save the discs and pads at the same time. Also keep in mind that not everyone is going to do what you do. So keep your distance from other road users so you don’t have to stop suddenly. It really doesn’t do your brakes any good. I will not turn my car into a moving truck.

Mistake #3: Don’t overload your vehicle

If the car is overloaded, it will do two things that will bother you. It will use more gas and it will make you brake harder and longer. And at the same time, the brake pads will wear out faster. If Mrs. intends to bring those 3 suitcases of clothes, better not to bring yours too! Let’s recap: three things to know mainly. First of all, don’t brake too fast and too hard. Then, don’t be reluctant to use your engine brake on steep descents. And finally, try as much as possible to travel light.

However, it may very well happen that you need (or want) to change your brake pads. Too worn? Need to refurbish them? Do you want to change them for top quality brakes?

For brake replacement, a good advice: Rely on recommended CAA garages and use the specialists. To book your vehicle’s check-up with the experts at Autotech Performance Pierrefonds in the West Island of Montreal, schedule a reservation online here.