WARRANTIES – Valvoline Protection Plan

We use premium quality products for your preventive maintenance


We carry out our preventive maintenance services using Valvoline’s high-quality equipment, procedures and products, which enable regular maintenance of your vehicle’s major systems and ensure they work at their best.

As a preferred user of our outstanding services, you become eligible for Valvoline’s lifetime protection plan that has no time or mileage limits! The Valvoline Protection Plan is generous and ensures both your vehicle’s performance and your peace of mind.

Take advantage of this plan by having the various Valvoline maintenance services performed according to a pre-established schedule. Depending on the initial service, four distinct protection levels are available for vehicles weighing under 4,300 kg (9,500 lb) for the following components:  engine, differential, braking system, power system, cooling system and transmission.

  • Level 1 – Coverage up to $4,000 if the initial service was performed before 80,000 km
  • Level 2 – Coverage up to $ 2,000 if the initial service was performed before 160,000 km
  • Level 3 – Coverage up to $ 1,000 if the initial service was performed before 200,000 km
  • Level 4 – Coverage up to $ 500 if the initial service was performed before 240,000 km

For details and conditions of Valvoline’s Lifetime Protection Plan, check out the Service Plus Program document.

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