Wheel alignment ensures that your wheels are using their full potential and fighting against premature wear. However, the more you drive, the more your wheels lose their alignment. The result is not only that you wear out your tires too quickly, but also that you expose yourself to dangerous handling of your vehicle. We will present the three main problems to be solved with wheel alignment in the West Island, and the solutions that are available to you via a CAA garage in Pierrefonds.

Wheel alignment in the West Island – Cause number 1

Cause #1: Collapsed springs or worn suspensions! For this, there’s not much you can do. It’s either the fault of your vehicle’s components or because your car is already old. By coming to our CAA Quebec certified garage, you will be sure that an expert will check which component is worn out. You will be informed and guided by real professionals who will find out what is causing the misalignment of the wheels. Additional tip: take advantage of each new tire installation to have the alignment checked. If it’s the car, because…

Wheel Alignment Reason Number 2

Road conditions are also to blame. While driving, we don’t always pay attention to their presence or not on the road. However, by crashing into them, you will damage your wheel alignment. Sometimes you think that a hole is shallow enough to be safe, but that can be enough. This is because of the metal that makes up the suspensions that can bend easily. There are also the sidewalks that you should avoid hitting and also the speed bumps that you should not take quickly. Finally, hitting any obstacle head-on can greatly damage the alignment as well. In short, after each significant impact, have your alignment checked so as not to take any risks with your wheels.

Wheel Alignment Reason Number 3: The ground clearance of your vehicle

Raising or lowering the ground clearance of your vehicle can cause misalignment. The suspension is designed to operate at a height specified by the manufacturer. The problem is that the driver doesn’t always know this and can change the height. If you adjust the suspension at the same time, everything is fine, otherwise you risk misaligning your vehicle.

CAA-recomemnded wheel alignment in the West Island?

Now you know what can cause a vehicle’s wheels to be misaligned. Simply visit your CAA Quebec certified garage and we will take care of your vehicle. In order to ensure your comfort and safety, we will know how to remedy the misalignment of the wheels whatever the cause. Do not hesitate to contact us beforehand, if necessary, we will be happy to advise you.

For your wheel alignment, a good tip: Rely on the recommended CAA garages and use the specialists. To book your vehicle’s check-up with the experts at Autotech Performance, schedule a reservation online here.