The Autotech Performance Team - Montreal West Island Garage


Experience combined with competence and dynamism can best describe Autotech Performance’s management and technical team. Indeed, the owner and manager Denis Cordeiro has brought together a multidisciplinary team of technicians that possess both expertise and passion for auto mechanics.

Cordeiro & Brunet - Team - West Island Garage - Autotech PerformanceDenis Cordeiro has cumulated almost 30 years of experience in the auto mechanics business. He first started as a customer service representative. Then he became manager of a Mr. Muffler franchised workshop and gained a lot of experience during 14 years. Ready for bigger challenges, Denis started Autotech Performance in Montreal West Island in 2004. He has not looked back since! On the contrary, he is always looking forward, seeking ways to improve his business in terms of services, personal, management, equipment and technology. He has plenty of ideas and put most of them to work! That’s what is called leadership!

Denis Cordeiro also operates a karate school located on the upper floor of his garage. He has been practicing karate since he was a kid and is now a 5th dan Master in the World Kanreikai Karate Organization. Like in his garage, Shihan Denis is a most dynamic and successful karate instructor.

The least we can say is that Autotech Performance’s technical team matches its owner-manager: it is competent, hard working, dedicated, honest, dynamic and passionate about auto mechanics.

Brunet - Team - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance Co-owner Pierre Brunet joined Autotech Performance in 2009. He is a well-known Montreal West Island mechanic who is able to identify and fix some of today’s most unheard-of problems. He is a hands-on mechanic who never gives up when facing a challenge.  Pierre had owned and run a garage for 20 years when he sold it and retired in 2008. Not really enjoying life as a retiree, he soon came back to do what he loves most: fixing cars.

Lévesque - Team - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance Pierre Brunet is a master mechanic with 40 years of experience. He specializes in electronic diagnostics, electrical circuits, fuel-injection systems and air conditioning systems.

Richard Lévesque is a certified mechanic with 21 years of experience in general mechanics, fuel injection systems, braking systems, wheel alignment, preventive maintenance and trailer hitch installation.

Suris - Team - West Island Garage - Autotech performance Sergei Suris is also a certified mechanic. He has 8 years of experience in general mechanics and is a specialist in fuel injection systems, braking systems, preventive maintenance and wheel alignment.

As today’s vehicles contain more and more electronic components, experience, competence, and cutting edge technology are the main assets in auto mechanics. That is exactly what Autotech Performance offers you.