BG Performance Oil Change Service

Give your engine a fresh start by first cleaning fuel gums and carbon off piston rings and then air-purge all the old oil and sludge from the engine (up to 10%).


Video - Oil BG - Maintenance - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance


Procedure followed by our technician

Photo BG - Oil Change - Maintenance - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance

  • Install BG 109 in the crankcase to remove contaminants, free piston rings and restore compression
  • Air-purge old oil from the system
  • Prime all engine passages with fresh, new oil
  • Install BG MOAR, a top-quality engine oil fortifier, to provide optimum engine performance and long-lasting engine protection
  • Install BG CF5TM in the fuel tank to provide deposit control throughout the entire fuel system



  • Restoration of engine balance and power
  • Photo BG - Deposit Control - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance
  • Optimized engine compression
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • Extended bearing protection
  • Longer spark plug life
  • Elimination of deposit build-up in lubrication and fuel systems

This service incorporates BG products, equipment and processes specifically designed to achieve premium performance for your vehicle.

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