BG Cooling System Service

Over time, the system’s coolant breaks down and loses its ability to protect the engine from heat, corrosion and scale.


BG Service - Cooling System


Procedure followed by our technicianPhoto BG - Cooling - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance

The entire cooling system is restored and replenished in four steps:

  • Power-cleaning of the entire cooling system, including radiator, engine passages and cooler lines
  • Removal of rust, scale, sludge and used coolant
  • Installation of new premium coolant and special corrosion inhibitors to condition and provide on-going protection
  • Verification of cooling system for leaks and proper fluid level



  • Cooler running engine
  • Cleared cooling passages extending the engine life
  • Extended life of water pump, radiator and hoses


Service frequency

This service should be performed every 2 years or 50,000 km (30,000 miles).

BG Lifetime Protection Plan

  • This service incorporates BG products, equipment and processes specifically designed to achieve premium performance for your vehicle.
  • When performed as part of a complete maintenance schedule in accordance with terms and conditions detailed in this program, your vehicle is covered under the BG Lifetime Protection Plan – no time limit, no mileage limit!
  • Find more about the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

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