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“Autotech Performance offers you all preventive maintenance services using equipment, procedures and high-quality products only.”

Denis Cordeiro, owner of Autotech Performance Inc.

The stress of heat applied to more than 600 moving parts in the transmission of your vehicle leads to the deterioration of the transmission fluid. A deteriorated liquid in turn causes wear and breakage of parts. Dirt must be removed and contaminated fluid from the transmission and torque converter must be removed and the system must be refilled with ATF transmission fluid and special fluid conditioners.

procedure followed by our technicians

  • Dissolving and removing varnish and grease in hydraulic controls, torque converter, oil sump, transmission lines and transmission cooler with a professional cleaner.
  • Installation of the ATF transmission fluid using specialized tools that drain the used liquid and replace it completely with the new liquid.
  • Addition of seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and gear promoters to the new ATF transmission fluid.


  • Easier and smoother speed changes
  • Reduction of noise or chatter caused by slow transmission
  • Extended life of parts

Frequency of service

This service is recommended every 2 years or every 50,000 km for a long and trouble-free life of transmission.

valvoline protection plan

  • This service includes the use of Valvoline products, equipment and processes specifically designed for your vehicle to achieve optimum performance.
  • When this service is part of a complete maintenance program and is carried out according to the terms and conditions specified in this program, your vehicle is covered by the Valvoline Protection Plan – no time limit, no mileage limit!
  • Information about the Valvoline Protection Plan.