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Power Steering

The proper functioning of the hydraulic system that assists the steering of your vehicle depends on a clean and quality liquid. Over time and kilometers, the servo-steering fluid deteriorates, causing premature wear of the soft metals and hardening of the rubber seals. This results in a squeak when you turn the steering wheel, leading to premature parts failure.

Procedure followed by our technicians

  • A safe and effective cleaner dissolves and suspends varnish and deposits that accumulate in the power steering system
  • Used fluid and all contaminants are removed from the system and a new high performance liquid – which protects against noise, wear and leaks – is installed.


  • Reduced sharp grinding of the steering caused by sticky valves
  • Eliminating the “jolt sensation” of the steering wheel
  • Increased prevention of steering fluid leaks
  • Reduced parts wear

Frequency of service

This service is recommended every 2 years or 50,000 km.

valvoline protection plan

  • This service includes the use of Valvoline products, equipment and processes specifically designed for your vehicle to achieve optimum performance.
  • When this service is part of a complete maintenance program and is carried out according to the terms and conditions specified in this program, your vehicle is covered by the Valvoline Protection Plan – no time limit, no mileage limit!
  • Information about the Valvoline Protection Plan.
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