NAPA AutoCare Warranty

Autotech Performance offers you the  NAPA AutoCare Warranty - Dependability without frontiers!


At Autotech Performance, we treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect and we make sure that all the necessary repairs on your vehicle are made in conformity with the NAPA Professional Code of Ethics - as described below.

NAPA AutoCare Warranty - West Island Garage - Autotech Performance


Problems caused by human errors or faulty parts are very rare. Our work is important to us and we always do it with great care and integrity. Our good name depends on it! However, should a problem arise, be assured that you are fully protected with the 12 months or 20 000 km NAPA "Peace of Mind" Warranty.

  • A 12 months or 20 000 km written warranty on parts and labour*
  • More than 11 000 authorized warranty centers in Canada and the United States


We are legally authorized to perform the required maintenance work on all vehicles, including light trucks, vans and SUVs. When we use the appropriate parts and follow the required procedures, the auto manufacturers are obliged to honour their warranties.


NAPA Professional Code of Ethics

As an authorized member of the NAPA AutoCare network, Autotech Performance must abide by the NAPA professional Code of Ethics:

  • Employ certified technicians for all types of works performed
  • Establish first rate diagnoses and offer repair services at a fair price while using high quality parts
  • Perform repairs and maintenance in conformity with the manufacturer's recommendations or with the established directives within the industry
  • Support the integrity of all members of the NAPA Autocare Program
  • Abide by the highest standards in the field of auto repairs
  • Consider customer satisfaction as a high priority
  • Provide a preliminary cost evaluation and obtain the customer's authorization before proceeding with the repairs
  • Take good care of our customers' properties when left in our care
  • Offer a processus that treats customers complaints with fairness, when needed


Don't forget!

NAPA AutoCare Warranty - West Island Garage - Autotech PerformanceIf a problem were to arise during the period of validity of your warranty, while you are:
  • at less than 40 km from Autotech Performance, contact us directly at 514-620-3131. We will try to rapidly solve any trouble linked to your initial visit; we we do our best to detect any new problem; and we will do everything to put you back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • at more than 40 km from Autotech Performance, in Canada or the United States, dial 1-866-438-NAPA to be directed toward one of the 11 000 authorized warranty centers in North America.
* Ask your technician for a written copy of the warranty.